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DeKalb 25 FAQ

What is the best way to share my content with DeKalb 25?


Share your files via the internet:

DeKalb County offers an electronic file sharing service where you can safely and securely upload your programming submissions to DeKalb 25 at your convenience.


Click UPLOAD to electronically share your file (mp4, mpg, or .mov) with DeKalb 25.




All files uploaded should be in either of these formats: mp4, mpg, or .mov

Also, for optimum playback, please output with these specs:

720 x 480 (or 1280 x 1080, or 1920 x 1080)

FPS rate of 29.97

Sample audio rate of 48k

What are the requirements to have a show broadcast on DeKalb 25?


1.  Fill out an Initial Request Form.  Include your name, show title, date of upload/drop off, and requested day and time for show to air. 


2.  Fill out and submit the DeKalb 25 New Member Packet.

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